Easy Video Spinner

Easy Video Spinner

Create Dozens Of Videos In Minutes

Using Easy Video Spinner

You know that video marketing is HUGE. Chances
are, you have tons of videos on video sharing
sites that drive traffic to your websites.

But creating videos is time-consuming, and
it’s expensive to outsource the task.

And if you want to create various versions
of your videos so that you can target
different keywords, it takes even more time
or money.

Until now:

Easy Video Spinner

Now you can crank out dozens of traffic
generating videos quickly and easily… and

Just feed some images, spinnable text and
background music into the software, and at
the push of a button it spits out 10, 20,
50 or more videos… in seconds!

Easy Video Spinner

Here are some ideas for using your videos:

* Create promo videos for your sales pages
and split test various versions to see which
one converts the best

* Upload one version to your blog and other
versions to various video sharing sites

* Upload “spun” versions of your videos to
YouTube (using different keywords for each
one) to drive traffic to your site

* Create videos to drive traffic to your
affiliate or CPA offers

* Create promo videos for your client’s
websites or for them to use on video sharing

* Create videos for offline clients – upload
them to YouTube to drive traffic to their
website or straight to their brick and mortar

The sky’s the limit!

Head over and download your copy now:

Easy Video Spinner

To Your Success,

Eric Switzer

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