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Sean Clark recently wrote a great post about the importance of knowing how to use social media the right way. This is especially true if more than one of you run an account.

From Use Social Media Training To Protect Your Companies Reputation

Every word is open to scrutiny, and the impact can be devastating not just for those passing the remarks, but also for those the remarks are made about. More pertinent though is the speed at which messages can now travel, so much so that any hope of retracting a mistimed remark is gone the moment you press the return key.

Email was our first iteration of the eternal message, the words that could never be erased, the trail of a conversation that could hold you to account. Now we are in the age of Social Media and not only has the speed with which we communicate accelerated, but the effective reach of any such message can be worldwide.

The exact reason Social Media is so popular with marketers is the same reason we all need to mindful of how we behave in this space

He goes on to cite examples that are more than foot-in-mouth gaffs.

It is important that you read and read and read. Get to know the boundaries, not just the rules of politeness or what is politically correct. Write down what you learn and make sure you and your team follow the same rules.

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